Quality organically grown fruits and vegetables right here in Central Florida.

Welcome to our CSA!

It's about that time again. We'll be taking the next month to begin planting and expecting our first delivery in October.

VISITORS!!! Great news! We're growing and taking on new members. We're currently in the planting phase so now is your chance to get in. This season will run from around October to next June. We're expanding and diversifying our growing operation to better able ourselves to deal with the unforgiving Florida weather.

Before we begin, check the FAQ. If you wanna know what we are, check the FAQ. If you wanna know the cost, check the FAQ. Basically if you wanna know anything, check the FAQ. If you wanna hear me rant (mentally, of course), read on.

There's no telling how it is that you came to find our site. Since starting the CSA we've been contacted by dozens of people from all over central Florida; and some from much farther away. To be honest, the level of interest has been kindof overwhelming... We're very flattered, grateful, and motivated. We've been contacted by people from just about every demographic. We've received calls from out of state parents that want to buy a share for their kid in college and neighbors that are sharing the harvests. Curious passers-by have stopped in to see if the rumors are true. You name it, we've had it.
When we first began, our primary concern was that we would be hard-pressed to get any members. Instead the opposite has happened. We reached our pilot capacity in about a week. Our goal was simple; remove ourselves from the cycle of dependency on substandard and irresponsible food production and bring as many people along as possible. We're off to a great start and are ramping up for our next growing season. Your timing couldn't have been better.
If you're new to the concept of a CSA then please allow me to explain what we do. We grow fruits and veggies in a manner consistent with what the University of Florida and the corresponding Cooperative Extension Agency consider organic gardening. Mouthful, I know. Basically we grow without the use of pesticides and fertilizers that are not deemed organic. These include such methods as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and using composts and manures as soil ammendments and fertilization.
Now you may be asking yourself "Why should I join a CSA?" Good question. Here're a few answers:
1. You can't afford not to. Our cost is up front, and yes, sounds expensive, initially, but the actual cost per pound of produce will only run you somewhere between two and four bux. Compare that with a $4 green pepper. To help illustrate this point, check this out.
2. It may just be better for you. For a moment, let's just say that nutritionally all things are equal between organically and conventionally grown produce. One has been fertilized with petroleum-based fertilizer and sprayed with petroleum-based pesticides. Which one would you want? Yeah, not really much of a decision.
3. Like I just said, petroleum. That's oil... Black Gold... Texas Tea... I digress... The aforementioned chemicals are bad enough, but when you couple that with the fact that local grocery store food is driven or flown potentially thousands of miles the arrogance just becomes unbearable. The arguments may continue as to whether or not global warming is real and if so, manmade, but the idea that we need to use this much energy just to eat is an idea with which we can no longer abide. We know of a better way. The genie cannot be put back into the bottle. Every piece of produce we can grow and provide is one that didn't travel that far to reach your plate.
4. Community. Yes, I know, it's a scary world out there, but not everyone is out to get you. There are those of us that feel we can do something to try to fix some of the problems. We not only aim to grow the produce but also desire to help educate others of like mind to pursue similar ventures. I have introduced many friends to the idea that even if they can grow just a little of their own food they will be very much fulfilled with the process and result.

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